Opinion of the Advisory Council of ICP-ANACOM on the Regulation Report, Supervision and Other Activities 2013

ICP-ANACOM Advisory Council

Regulation Report 2013


1. The Advisory Council has reviewed the Report on Regulation, Supervision and Other Activities 2013.

a. Having completed its examination, the Advisory Council considers the report to be a complete and reliable account of regulatory activity and of other related, complementary, support and development activities, as regards the period covered.

b. However, for a complete understanding of the report, the Council notes the lack of a detailed explanation of the accomplished and unaccomplished objectives, as well as a failure to present indicators on the effectiveness of the applied regulatory measures, even while these were, to some extent, contained in previous reports.

2. The financial expression of all its activities - Balance and Accounts - does not demonstrate the relevant evolution or deviations from previous years, having followed the general guidelines laid down for recent years.

3. In general terms, during 2013, ICP-ANACOM satisfactory fulfilled the legal obligations which are incumbent upon the Regulator, despite the formation of hard-to-remove obstacles to the consolidation, stability and possible development of the sector in the context of stagnation or even recession which the national economy is passing through, considering the framework of citizen and consumer interests that the Regulator's activity is bound to protect.

4. As regards concrete regulatory measures and in relation to the general lines adopted by ICP-ANACOM with regard to the budget, reference is made to the opinion of this Council on the 2015-2017 Activities Plan where these matters are discussed in detail and observations and recommendations made, in the context of the analysis and perspective of the regulated and consumers.

Advisory Council, 6 October 2014