ANACOM launches new website

ANACOM - Autoridade Nacional de Comunicações has put its new website online, in an initiative set to coincide with ANACOM's celebration of its 25th anniversary as Portugal's regulator of the electronic communications and postal sector.

The revamped website has been especially designed to be user-friendly, with a new, improved layout and easier navigation.

The information architecture is designed around the website's users and the public, with navigation organised into four major areas: Institutional, Market, Services and Consumer. This model of content organisation was chosen because it simplifies access to information, making the website's navigation more intuitive.

The new design seeks to provide an experience that satisfies all users and visitors by being optimised to work on all types of devices (PC, tablet, smartphones and other devices) and accommodating citizens with special needs. To reflect this commitment, ANACOM's website adheres to international good practices in accessibility (WCAG 2.0 - level AA).

In addition to its main website (www.anacom.pt, ANACOM also maintains a consumers' website (www.anacom-consumidor.com which contains a wide range of important information for consumers, including two very useful tools: COM.escolha - a tariff comparison tool that consumers can use to find out which tariffs best suit their usage profile; and NET.mede - a tool which measures the speed of a user's Internet connection, comparing actual speed with contracted speed and checking for evidence of traffic shaping.