World Post Day 2001

/ Updated on 07.04.2003

The 127th anniversary of the Universal Postal Union (UPU) and World Post Day will once again be celebrated together. This day commemorates the signing of the Treaty of Bern on 9 October 1874, which founded the then General Postal Union. Portugal was among the 22 countries that signed this Treaty.

This inter-governmental organisation took on its present name - Universal Postal Union - in 1878, and later became a specialised agency of the United Nations in1948.

Created to encourage collaboration and development within the international postal sector, UPU's activities focus on promoting co-operation so as to be a catalyst for both postal development and the quality of the postal services.

The UPU is presently composed of 189 countries. Through activities related to regulations, standardisation and conformity, it has encouraged constant renewal and adaptation in the postal sector in order to meet the challenges faced throughout the years.

The Director-General of UPU's International -Bureau, Thomas E. Leavey, has released a message referring to these commemorations, and has also launched a new letter-writing competition. Aimed at children and teens up to the age of 15, the theme is "A Letter to someone you miss".-The deadline for these letters ends on 30 April 2002. Further information on the competition may be obtained at the ICP's public attendance service, as well as at CTT-Correios de Portugal post offices, schools and local parish councils.

In turn, the public operator CTT also joins in these celebrations, by promoting a set of initiatives under the theme - Post: broader your horizons -". The aim is to encourage full use of opportunities thus expanding the horizons of Post Offices throughout the world. Consequently, a number of post offices will be inaugurated and prizes will be distributed for the letter-writing competition launched in 2000 (to take place in Madeira and the Azores as the writers of the winning letters reside there). A street party in Lisbon is also foreseen. In addition, there will be a seal commemorating the first day of circulation of the stamp series '2001 United Nations' Year for Dialogue Among Civilisations and three exhibitions will be inaugurated at the Portuguese Communications Foundation -.