Consultation on draft assessment procedures - ITED (3rd edition) and ITUR (2nd Edition)

By decision of 8 January 2015, ANACOM has approved draft assessment procedures as regards the ITED (3rd edition) and ITUR (2nd edition) manuals.

The assessment procedures now submitted to consultation seek to ensure that telecommunications infrastructure in buildings (ITED) and in housing developments, urban settlements and concentrations of buildings (ITUR) properly provides the services for which it was designed, also allowing safe connection to electronic communications networks. It became essential to change and adapt these assessment procedures, which are mandatory for installers, following the entry into force of the new ITED (3rd edition) and ITUR (2nd edition) manuals.

In this context and pursuant to the provisions of the LCE - Lei das Comunicações Eletrónicas (Electronic Communications Law, ANACOM invites all interested parties to participate in this consultation process, which closes after a period of 20 working days. As such, comments and technical contributions should be sent, no later than 12 February 2015, by email to Email address.

Once the consultation process has been concluded, the contributions received will be made public. Therefore, for the purposes of publication on this website, interested parties should also submit a non-confidential version of their responses excluding any items considered confidential.