ANACOM's Consumers' Website gets over 900 thousand visits in 2014

Launched on 15 March 2011, ANACOM's Consumers' Website received 928,343 visits in 2014 (information content and electronic services), 90.4 percent more than in 2013.

The website's information content generated 262,456 visits, NET.mede received 420,690 visits, COM.escolha received 94,396 visits, the ''A ANACOM responde" (ANACOM responds) service received 130 704 visits and the ''Complaints Form'' received 20,097 visits.

All the websites components grew in 2014, with information content reporting an increase of 30.2 percent in visitors versus the previous year, ''COM.escolha'' an increase of 29.2 percent, the ''A ANACOM Responde'' service an increase of 154.5 percent and the ''Complaints Form'' an increase of 50.3 percent (NET.mede was only introduced in December 2013).

The website received a total of 2,342,805 page views: 554,041 views of information content, 1,064,828 views of "NET.mede", 330,045 views of COM.escolha, 352,545 views of the ''A ANACOM responde'' service and 41,346 views of the ''Complaints Form''. Compared to the previous year, the number of pages viewed increased by 57.9 percent.

Of all the information content, the content on "Switching or cancelling contracts'' received the most views. The most visited page was ''Cancelar o contrato de televisão'' (''Cancelling a television contract'').


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