Sharing of Remote Control Facilities of Spectrum Monitoring and Control

/ Updated on 24.01.2003


By determination of July 5, 2001, ICP's Board of Directors approved the methodology for sharing the system of Remote Control Facilities of Spectrum Monitoring and Control, designated as SINCRER, with any telecommunications operator that requests such sharing, whenever this is possible and compatible with the control system therein installed.

The rules, general access requirements, and manner in which requests should be prepared, are as follows:

1. Compatibility with the spectrum control system - Any request must specify the appropriate technical elements, specifically the working frequencies, in order to be validated from a technical viewpoint.

2. Connection to the tower - Whenever installation involves use of a tower, it is necessary to comply with the following requirements:

- Existence of a physical space;

- Guarantee by the tower's architect (mechanical aspects and means of interconnection) and a plan to structurally reinforce the tower, if necessary.

All connection costs to the tower, including opinions of the architect and any plans and reinforcement works to the tower, will be borne by the applicant.

3. Electrical power supply - The applicant must ensure installation of its own power meter, and is responsible for all installation and operating costs, as well as necessary procedures with the EDP group, CERTIEL, and other entities.

4. Openings in the wall and installation damage in the tower's antenna - In the contract to be established, there will be a clause on degradation of existing conditions and possible damages, for which the applicant will be liable.

5. Operating costs - All operating costs will be borne in full by the applicant, with an annual revision clause.

6. Access to ICP's installations - In general, access will only be permitted to the external perimeter of ICP's installations, where a container may be installed, except for the operator providing the signal transport service to ICP, which will have access to the station building and may install equipment in function of the compatibility with the spectrum monitoring and control equipment and the available space.

In the event that the signal transport service to ICP is transferred to another operator, the rules defined in the previous paragraph apply.

7. Other aspects

 - In the event of rescission of the contract, the applicant must restore ICP's installations to their original condition; the applicant should prepare a declaration of responsibility regarding the equipment installed and other relevant aspects;

- Given that the physical capacity of ICP's installations is limited, requests of this nature will be analysed by order of submission to ICP;

- Requests should be addressed to the ICP Chairman;

- Agreements between ICP and each operator shall be established via a written contract, in accordance with the above mentioned conditions.

Sharing of Remote Control Facilities of Spectrum Monitoring and Control