Restrictions in the 760 numbering range - enforcing compliance with Regulation no. 495/2014 of 3 November

For the purposes of verifying compliance by undertakings providing electronic communications networks and services with the provisions of paragraphs 3, 6 and 7 of Regulation no. 495/2014 of 3 November, since 5 January 2015, ANACOM has been carrying out a series of checks.

In this context, considering that one of the companies checked by ANACOM was found not to be in compliance with paragraph 3, finding that the same rule is not being observed by another company, and in order to obtain clarification on an advertisement since run on the website of a third company, ANACOM has instigated the procedures necessary to ensure that the rule in question is observed in full, without prejudice to any investigation and sanctioning of conduct with a view to litigation.