Amendment of the decision on the transfer of rights of use of numbering from ZON to Optimus

By order of 8 May 2015, ANACOM has approved an amendment to the decision on the transfer to Optimus - Comunicações of rights of use of numbering held by Zon TV Cabo Portugal.

As such point b) of paragraph 4 of the decision adopted by order of 14 May 2014, is amended to read as follows:

"To establish the following time-limits, following the date of approval of the final decision, for Optimus - Comunicações, S.A. to return to ICP-ANACOM the following resources:

a. (...)
b. Two years for the return of one or two numbers of Access to the Customer Support Service: 1610, 1693 or 1699."

It was decided to waive the requirement for a prior hearing of NOS Comunicações in relation to this amendment.