ITED Manual (3rd edition)

Final version of the 3rd edition of ITED Manual - Telecommunications Infrastructure in buildings1.

The 3rd edition of the ITED Manual results from the culminated development of the technical regime in force to date, responding to a need to bring the scheme up-to-date and also reflecting a change in the paradigm of the real estate sector, with more focus on building restoration as opposed to construction. In an instructive manner, the manual presents a new technical regime, focusing on development and innovation and, just as importantly, on the necessary containment of installation costs.

Based on the European standards applied to the electronic communications sector, the Manual details the applicable mandatory rules, makes recommendations and indicates procedures for sector agents to adopt, without standing in the way of the latest technical options.

A transitional period has been provided - until 31 December 2014 - during which technical projects of telecommunications infrastructure in buildings will still be considered valid where made in accordance with the previous requirements and technical specifications (2nd edition of ITED Manual). For this purpose, the date considered will be that of the project's submission to the Municipal Council, in the cases covered by article 71 of Decree-Law no. 123/2009 of 21 May, as amended and republished by Law no. 47/2013 of 10 July, or the project's completion date (as specifically mentioned therein and in the designer's guarantee) in cases covered by article 72 of the same law.

1 European Commission translation.

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