Electronic communications - Review of settlement of 2014 fees

By decision of 14 May 2015, ANACOM has approved a revision of the settlement of fees due in respect of the activity of supplier of publicly available electronic communication services and networks with reference to 2014. This revision stems from the untimely receipt of information on the value of relevant revenues reported by the company Fibroglobal - Comunicações Electrónicas.

Correcting the value of relevant revenues impacts the value of the t2 rate, which is adjusted accordingly to 0.5996%, entailing a refund of excess amounts charged, in proportion to the relevant revenues used for the calculation of the fees already settled.

In accordance with paragraph 5 of Annex II to Order no. 1473-B/2008https://www.anacom.pt/render.jsp?contentId=1357149 of 17 December, the new t2 percentage implies an adjustment of the corresponding settlements payable by suppliers of electronic communications networks and services for 2014, a procedure which ANACOM will implement without delay.