Call for papers

The Portuguese Committee of URSI is holding its 9th Congress on 4 December 2015 in Lisbon. The theme of this year's Congress is ''5G and the Internet of the future''.

Scientific and technological development is providing the entire population of Europe with access, in a relatively short period of time) to broadband, enabling and driving economic development.

To make this vision a reality, it is necessary to overcome series of problems in a large number of research areas, most of which are covered by URSI.

5th generation networks entail the study of new models of propagation for frequencies up to 60 GHz, as well as the development of new antennae, combining new techniques to improve energy efficiency, sensors and biosensors to accomplish the Internet of things, the radio interface, cognitive and cooperative techniques, spectrum and interference management, biomedicine applications, remote sensing and the complementarity offered by satellite communications.

Seeking to encourage young Portuguese authors, ANACOM sponsors the Best Student Paper Award to be awarded to the best article presented by a student who is both the first author and who makes an oral presentation of the paper at the congress. ANACOM also sponsors the Best Student Poster Award to be awarded to the best poster presented by a student who is both the first author and who makes a presentation of the poster at the congress.

To submit entries to these prizes, the intention must be made known by means of the specific form provided, submitted together with the article or poster. ANACOM reserves the right to require proof of academic status.

As such, interested parties are invited to submit original scientific papers on the following areas:

Main theme

''5G and the Internet of the future''

Other scientific themes

1. Electromagnetic metrology
2. Waves and fields: electromagnetic theory and applications
3. Radiocommunication systems and signal processing
4. Electronics and photonics
5. Electromagnetic environment and interference
6. Wave propagation and remote sensing
7. Ionospheric radioelectricity and propagation
8. Waves in the plasma
9. Radio Astronomy
10. Electromagnetics in biology and medicine

The selected works will be presented at the Congress and subsequently published on ANACOM's website.

Submission rules

Works must be sent no later than 19 October 2015 by email sent to, in PDF, and must contain 2 - 4 full pages, using the IEEE template and 2 two columns.

The first author will be notified as to the acceptance of the work for oral presentation or for the posters session. When submitting the work, the first author may opt to participate in the posters session only.

The official language of the congress is Portuguese, although communications in English or Spanish will also be accepted.

ANACOM-URSI Portugal Prize

With sponsorship provided by ANACOM, the Portuguese Committee of URSI also awards the ''ANACOM-URSI Portugal Prize'' to recognise the best research work in the area of Radioelectricity. This prize has the aim of stimulating creativity and rigour in scientific research work in Portugal and will be handed out at the closure of proceedings.

Entries must be sent no later than 26 October 2015 by email to The Regulation of the 2015 ANACOM prize is available on ANACOMs website in the Portuguese Committee of URSI Area.

The Scientific Commissions of the Portuguese Committee of URSI are chaired as follows:

  • Prof. Nuno Borges Carvalho
  • Prof. Custódio Peixeiro
  • Prof. António Rodrigues
  • Prof. Leonel Sousa
  • Dr. José Pedro Borrego
  • Prof. José Carlos da Silva Neves
  • Cte. Eduardo Ludovico Bolas
  • Prof.ª Maria Emília Manso
  • Prof. Luís Cupido
  • Prof. Pais Clemente


Submission of works: 19 October 2015
Notification of authors: 09 November 2015
Date of Congress: 04 December 2015