Reduction in traffic of Audiotext Services

/ Updated on 24.01.2002

There was a 55% decrease in the number of calls made to Audiotext services between the second and third quarters of 1999. According to statistical data collected by ICP, there was a 60% decrease in the traffic generated by said services between September 1998 and September 1999.

There was a 6% decrease in the revenue figures between the second and third quarters of 1999, and a 28% decrease between the third quarter and the same period in 1998. In absolute figures, the average revenue per call totalled PTE 1,510, which represents a 110% and 80% increase when compared with the months of June and September 1998 respectively.

There were 53 Audiotext Service providers in Portugal in September 1999, of which 42 were active.

The audiotext services are identified according to the National Numbering Plan, with the following prefixes: 601 - Audiotext Services in General; 607 - Tele-vote; 608 - Sales; 646 - Competitions and Entertainment; 648 - Erotica.