ICP allocates codes for Fixed Telephone Service operators

/ Updated on 24.01.2002

On the 27th of August at a public meeting ICP will allocate selection codes for fixed telephone service providers. The procedures established for the allocation of the codes are as follows, the proposed codes will be placed in sealed envelopes, and if necessary a draw using the white ball/black balls system.

These 4 digit codes will allow the telecommunications customer to select call by call, the indirect service provider they wish to use to contact another fixed telephone customer. This will occur on the 1st of January 2000. In addition as from the 1st of July they will also have the possibility of making calls to pre-selected indirect service providers.

These codes conform to the National Numeration Plan and consist of 4 digits which may vary between 1010 and 1099, with the exception of numbers between 1070 and 1079 which have been reserved and will be allocated before the 1st of June 2000.

These codes will be dialed before the telephone number receiving the call, so that the call can be re-directed by the indirect service providers, technically known as a carrier.

Operators may candidate themselves if by the 25th of August they are licensed to provide a fixed telephone service, or if they have a certificate of admissibility for the concession of a license.

Under the terms of regulation established by the Instituto das Comunicações de Portugal, the candidate should personally present the proposed code in a sealed envelope. Inside which there should only be one preferred selection code.

Once collected, the proposals will be opened by an ICP representative in a public meeting and immediately read them out aloud. The selection codes with which there is no dispute will then be instantly allocated.

In the case of 2 or more candidates showing preference for the same codes, this will be considered as a conflicting situation. In this case the ICP representative will check if one of the candidates will forgo their preference. If they agree then the candidate must express in written form his preference for one of the available codes. The code will be immediately allocated, except if there is a conflict.

If after the above procedure, a conflict still exists a draw will follow using the white ball/black balls system. A white ball and as many black balls as necessary to make up the number of participating candidates, will be placed in a black opaque bag.

The ICP representative will show the number and correct color of the balls. A representative of each of the candidates will be asked to participate in the draw, and extract a ball from the bag. The selection code will be allocated without further formality, to the candidate who extracts the white ball. This draw will be repeated as many times as deemed necessary, to resolve all conflicting situations.

At the end of the draw the remaining candidates who were unsuccessful will be identified, and the opportunity of straight away submitting another written preference granted.

The selection is the possibility given to the telecommunications customers in choosing an operator through which they wish to make a call. This service will be possible as soon as the fixed telephone service is open to competition, which is on January 1st 2000.

The Pre-selection is the possibility that calls chosen by the customer will be re-directed through indirect service providers, without having to dial a code. This option will be available until 30th of June 2000.