ICP opens up frequencies in the DECT System

/ Updated on 24.01.2002

The Instituto das Comunicações de Portugal has begun the process to make frequencies in the DECT system (Fixed Wireless Access) available - between 1880 and 1900 MHz. This technology permits utilisation at the level of voice telephony and low speed data transmission. Complete accessibility has been adopted; hence, there will be no restrictions on the number of operators with access to this frequency band.

The DECT system can be used for local wireless access between the operator and the final user, from the standpoint of the telecommunications network and also in telephone terminals.

Tenders to bid for the granting of frequencies should be submitted at the ICP headquarters, at Avenida José Malhoa, nr. 12. All necessary information can be obtained at the reception service or on the Institute's Internet website.

Conditions, which the tenderers must meet, include submission to the ICP of technical information, comprising descriptions of network planning and structure and facilities to be made available. Separate from this is the possibility to use Fixed Wireless Access as a complement to mobile communications systems; this shall always be an extension or an inherent part of a sole telecommunications network.