Broadband - European Commission publishes new studies

The European Commission (EC) has released three studies on broadband in the European territory - coverage (data from 2014), pricing (information relating to February 2015) and quality of service (measurements taken in October 2014).

These studies show that while broadband access has become more affordable, with prices falling 12% between 2012 and 2015, subscribers are only obtaining 75% of the advertised download speed. The study also notes an increase in coverage by high-speed mobile broadband: from 59.1% in 2013 to 79.4% in 2014.

As far as Portugal is concerned, the reports noted the country's performance in terms of access to technology, particularly FTTx (fibre to the x), where Portugal leads the table of countries studies with 115.64% of advertised speed. On a less positive note, the cost of broadband in Portugal was higher than the European average.

The results of these studies also show that broadband coverage in Portugal is above the European average, with fixed broadband coverage at 99.8%.

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