Corrections to MEO's information campaign

By decision of 19 November 2015, ANACOM has ordered MEO -Serviços de Comunicações e Multimédia (MEO) to partially repeat the information campaign which is stipulated under the contract concluded between the company and the Portuguese State as to the universal service provision of a comprehensive telephone directory and a comprehensive telephone directory enquiries service.

This decision results from ANACOM finding that not all the actions foreseen in the campaign were performed, despite being considered essential to ensure that the populations of the Autonomous Regions and Mainland Portugal are made aware that they will only receive printed telephone directories where copies are expressly requested in advance.

Repetition of the campaign is to include the broadcast of 4 daily spots, between 7:00 am and 10:00 am, on TSF Açores, over a continuous period of 7 days, and on TSF Madeira, Rádio Renascença and RFM, over a continuous period of two days. At the same time, necessary and appropriate measures shall be taken, in accordance with the specification of the universal service and with the approved campaign, to allow users to express their desire to receive a comprehensive telephone directory from the day that broadcast of the new spots commences until at least seven days subsequent to the end of this transmission.

MEO should also amend the information transmitted in the campaign, taking into account the dates on which the above advertisements are to be broadcast and the time limit which, as a result, shall apply to requests to receive printed versions of telephone directories.


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