INE - Surveys on the use of ICT by households and businesses in 2015

INE - Instituto Nacional de Estatística (Statistics Portugal) has released the results of surveys on the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) by Portuguese households and businesses in 2015.

The INE survey on households reveals that, in 2015, 70% of Portuguese households have Internet access at home, in the most part broadband, predominantly among families with children (90%) and among those living in the Lisbon area (78%). In this period, 69% of people aged 16-74 years use a computer and the Internet (in equal proportions) and 23% make purchases over the Internet. 70% of Internet users in Portugal used social networks.

In the business segment, the survey indicated that, in 2015, 96% of Portuguese companies with 10 or more employees had broadband access to the Internet. Of these, 38% use social networks as part of a strategy to connect to customers, suppliers or business partners. It is also reported that 61% of companies have a website and the majority provide catalogues or price lists over the Internet, while 19% received orders via e-commerce. Internet security is implemented in 49% of Portuguese companies.

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