Internet Access Services: number of subscribers almost triples

/ Updated on 24.01.2008

Data compiled by the Instituto das Comunicações de Portugal (ICP) shows that the number of clients for providers of Internet access services (ISP) reached 1.33 million at the end of the first semester 2000. This value corresponds to a penetration rate of 13.4% and represents a 45% growth between the first and second quarters 2000, and a 181% growth between the end of 1999 and June of the current year.

When viewing the strong growth that has taken place up until June, one must take into consideration the overlapping phenomenon of clients subscribing, simultaneously, to various - free-of-charge - Internet access services. Furthermore, it should also be noted that there was no continuity with regard to calculations, which had an impact on the residential market in particular, as it was impossible to consolidate the free-of-charge accesses in the values for 1999.

Of the client total calculated in the second quarter, 83% corresponds to clients of free-of-charge access services, indicating a preference individual users have for this type of service. It is precisely this which is confirmed by the 9% drop in accesses paid by individual users between the second and first quarters of the year.