World Summit on the Information Society results - New York

A high level meeting to review application of results from the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) took place on 14-15 December 2015 in New York, during the 70th session of the United Nations (UN) General Assembly.

ANACOM and the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) were included in the Portuguese delegation headed by Portugal’s permanent representative to the UN, Ambassador Álvaro Mendonça e Moura.

The high level meeting was summoned to analyse worldwide implementation of the Tunis agenda approved during the second WSIS phase.

In brief, the nations concluded that despite progress felt especially at the level of infrastructures and digital literacy of populations, inequalities had increased regarding access to the information society. They therefore agreed on their willingness to fight the digital gap separating countries, regions and generations.

The internet’s importance for global development and the challenges brought on by use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) were among other aspects stressed at this event, which also agreed to renew the mandate of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) for ten more years. That multi-stakeholder forum promotes discussion about net governance policies.

As a result of the negotiations, which lasted for several months, a compromise text was approved in the form of a United Nations General Assembly resolution, which can be consulted at: Draft resolution submitted by the President of the General Assembly