Disconnection of Maxitel's lines - ICP begins proceedings and investigates operators

/ Updated on 24.01.2008

The Instituto de Comunicações de Portugal (ICP) believes that there is justification for PT Comunicações' refusal to supply Maxitelcom with leased lines. However, the suspension of access to the lines, which took place last week, was carried out illegally because it had not been authorised by the ICP. The Institute has therefore initiated misdemeanour proceedings against PT Comunicações.

After the situation had been analysed, the ICP also resolved to open two investigation proceedings, aimed at examining facts which have not yet been completely clarified.

The first of these procedures is aimed at determining why Maxitelcom did not inform consumers of the possibility of the service being suspended, as it is legally obliged to do.

The second proceeding will examine the reasons for which PT Comunicações failed to comply with ICP's decision obliging them to immediately resume the supply of lines to Maxitelcom.