Clarification of Questions Associated with the Sharing of Infrastructures

/ Updated on 05.03.2002
1. Support structures, buildings and auxiliary systems (power and air conditioning systems, for example)

Legislation states that whenever technically possible, entities should celebrate agreements with a view to sharing these types of infrastructure (existing or to be installed).

2. Accessories like cable, combiners, filters and antennae

According to current legislation (Decree Law nº 151-A/2000 dated July 20th), operators may share these types of infrastructure.

3. Access Network (Base Station, RNC)

The use of stations in the Network Access (Nodes B and RNC) on a shared basis instead of installing separate stations will be permitted as long as the parameters and independent functional control of the network are guaranteed, especially concerning the utilisation of frequencies and power¿ separation from the Operation and Maintenance Centres (OMC).

Operators must also have access to their own logic connection (channels where their information flow).

4. Core Network

The sharing of core network elements is not permitted (Mobile Switching Centre, for example). This decision intends to guarantee the competition related to the diversity and the quality of services.

5. Frequencies

The sharing of frequencies is not permitted. It should be noted that if frequencies were used in trunking mode, this would represent a substantial change to the assumptions of the tender made for the awarding of UMTS licences (and all the network planning indicated therein).