ICP Plan of Activities (2002-2004)

/ Updated on 16.05.2007

The Instituto das Comunicações de Portugal (ICP) Plan of Activities for the three-year period 2002-2004 is now available for consultation. As the regulatory organ for the telecommunications and postal services sectors, the Institute will continue to be the guarantee that the networks and services of these sectors function in line with the principles of universality, quality, diversity and efficiency.

The ICP strategy of action for the said period is demarcated by the politically defined objectives of public interest, both at national and European Union levels. These objectives include: the satisfaction of populations and companies communication needs; the promotion of the supply of broadband services and networks; the incentive to create digital platforms and the generalisation of Internet access at sustainable prices; the promotion of competition and the development of networks and infrastructures for alternative communications; the priority attributed to defend the rights of consumer citizens; and finally, the efficient management of scarce resources like the radio-electric spectrum and numbering resources.

The strategy defined for this period is based on three axes of action that define the mission proposed by the ICP: the development of open and competitive markets; the defence of users and consumers and the guarantee of a universal service; and the development of the Information Society.

These three strategic objectives are in turn consubstantiated in programmes of action and actions prepared for the three-year period in question, whose implementation is under the responsibility of the different departments of the ICP.