ANACOM Alerts - Avoid surprises in your telephone bill

As part of the "ANACOM Alerts" initiative, launched to strengthen the information that ANACOM makes available to consumers on specific sector issues and reflecting the main issues raised in complaints, the following article was published on 28 May (Correio da Manhã) and 29 May (Jornal de Notícias):

Avoid surprises in your telephone bill

  • Some tariffs include free calls to fixed numbers (numbers starting with 2 and, in the case of some operators, also numbers starting with 3).
  • Numbers starting with 7 (e.g..: 760) have increased costs and are not included in these tariffs.
  • Numbers starting with 601, 607, 608, 646 and 648 also have increased costs but should be barred by default.
  • If you do not agree with the total amount of your bill, it’s possible to only pay the amount you consider correct.

The section airing this week on Radio Renascença (on 31st May and on 1st and 2nd June between 5 pm and 6 pm in the 1st position of the block) is as follows:

Did you know that cancelling a communications service is simple?

It's true! But before cancelling the service contact your provider to check whether you are subject to a lock-in and how much you will have to pay if you decide to terminate your contract early. Also find out how much notice you need to give to request the cancellation and what documents you need to submit.

The cancellation request must be made in writing. You will need to give your customer number and indicate which service you want to cancel. If there is any information missing, the operator has 3 days to ask you for it.

If the application is submitted correctly, the operator has 5 days to confirm receipt in writing and give notice of the cancellation date and any amount payable.