ANACOM and Portuguese Maritime Police inspect 30 vessels in Madeira, Douro and Cascais

Autoridade Nacional de Comunicações (ANACOM), in association with the Autoridade Marítima Nacional (Portuguese Maritime Police), has carried out a series of enforcement actions, starting 1st June, targeting commercial fishing ports and marinas in Portugal. Operations have taken place in Caniçal, Machico and Funchal, in Madeira, on the Douro River, and yesterday an operation was carried out in Cascais targeting vessels underway off the coast.

During these operations, more than 30 vessels were inspected, including leisure and passenger craft, and a number of violations were detected, including use of improper equipment and use of equipment with channels operating outside the bands of the maritime mobile service.

These enforcement actions are intended to ensure the proper use of the radio spectrum (authorised frequencies) and the legality of the equipment installed on board vessels, to eliminate/reduce cases of interference caused to land-based communications networks, particularly networks necessary to the work of security and emergency services and to the communications of air traffic navigation and control used by civil and military aviation.

With the completion of these operations, it is ensured that all radio resources, including those used in rescue operations, are in accordance with the law.

The operations were carried out by joint teams of the two authorities - involving 12 ANACOM enforcement agents and 14 officers of the Maritime Police.

Carrying out actions of this type has led to a reduction in the number of offences.