ANACOM would like to hear all stakeholders about Net Neutrality

The Autoridade Nacional de Comunicações (ANACOM) is convening all stakeholders to a debate about the net neutrality guidelines submitted to public consultation by BEREC (the body that brings together the electronic communications' regulators from the 28 European Union Member States). The debate is to take place this afternoon at the hotel Mercure in Lisbon at 2.30 p.m.

The aim is to foster the debate between the various stakeholders about the BEREC guidelines which are under public consultation until July 18th.

The BEREC guidelines on network neutrality involve various aspects such as the 'Zero-rating', the most common type of business practice currently to be found on the market, the regulatory evaluation of the traffic management practices of Internet access service providers and the regulatory evaluation of specialised services.

The guidelines also describe in what way the national regulators have to ensure that Internet access suppliers comply with their transparency obligations with regard to the services they render. What is at stake here is the contractual information and the information published about traffic management measures, speeds and other service quality parameters pertaining to fixed and mobile Internet access services. Finally, the guidelines look at the supervisory duties of the regulators who are required to monitor, guarantee compliance and promote the ongoing availability of non-discriminatory Internet access services at levels of quality that reflect advances in technology.

The setting of the BEREC guidelines on Internet neutrality derives from the Telecoms Single Market Regulation which was approved by the European Parliament in November 2015 and came into force on April 30th.