ANACOM Alerts - call centres and telephone directory request

Within the scope of the initiative “ANACOM Alerts”, launched with the aim of reinforcing the information which this Authority makes available to consumers regarding specific sectoral topics, which reflect the main issues raised in complaints received, the following article was published on 27 (in Correio da Manhã) and 28 August (in Jornal de Notícias):

Calls to call centres 

  • Calls to your operator’s call centre may involve costs.
  • The costs of these calls should be disclosed on your operator’s website and in all stores, as well as included in your contract.
  • You can also check if your operator has a contact email or form.
  • Your operator has one minute to answer your call. If it does not, it must have a system to collect your message and your contact, and must reply to you within two working days.

The Rádio Renascença feature “comments of the week” on 30 and 31 August and 1 September, airing between 17.00 and 18.00, will have the following as its first news item:

Did you know that if you want a telephone directory you have to ask?

  • MEO is obliged to provide a printed full directory covering all telephone subscribers (fixed and mobile), even if they are not their customers.
  • The printed list of your residential area is delivered free of charge by MEO annually upon request.
  • The telephone directory is available at www.118net.pt for free or, alternatively, through the number 118.
  • If you do not want your number in this list, please inform your operator.