Bundles represent 84.9% of fixed telephone service customers

At the end of 2nd quarter 2016 (2Q2016), 84.9 per cent of fixed telephone service (FTS) customers acquired their service as part of a bundle (an increase of 4.6 percentage points versus 2Q2015).

By the end 2Q2016, triple, quadruple and quintuple-play bundles made up 77.3% of total fixed telephone service revenues, which reached 983 million euros, reflecting an increase of 8.5% over the same period of 2015.

Total voice traffic originating on the fixed network during 2Q2016 was reported at about 1.48 billion minutes and 396 million calls, with the volume of voice minutes decreasing 2.3% over the previous quarter and by 10.6% versus 2Q2015.

On average, 104 minutes were consumed per month per access: 82 minutes in fixed-fixed calls per main access (4 minutes fewer than the previous quarter), 9 minutes in fixed-mobile calls (in line with the previous quarter) and 7 minutes on international calls (in line with the previous quarter).

The stock of fixed telephone lines in Portugal comprises 4.73 million accesses as at the end of 2Q2016, an amount that represents an increase of 0.3% over the previous quarter and 1.9% over the same period of 2015. The growth this quarter was mainly due to the increase in accesses based on optical fibre and cable television networks (increasing by 66 thousand in total and by 28.5% and 5%, respectively).

Fixed telephone lines had a penetration rate of 45.7 lines per 100 inhabitants at the end of June, the highest level since data on these statistics was first compiled (December 2006).

There were around 21 thousand public pay-telephones (1.3% fewer than in the previous quarter and 5.4% fewer versus 2Q2015).

At the end of the quarter, MEO had 48.3% of fixed telephone lines (- 0.7 percentage points). The second largest provider was Grupo NOS, with a share of 33.8% (+0.3 percentage points), followed by Vodafone, which, with a share of 13.5% (+0.5 percentage points) was the provider that grew most in the 2nd quarter. Grupo APAX (Cabovisão/ONI) reported a share of 4.1%.

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