ANACOM's Consumers' Website

ANACOM's new Consumers' Website was launched, on 23 September 2016. Set up in 2011, the Website is being given a revamped image and its content has been updated to bring it into line with the current information needs of users of communications services.

The new website is compatible with mobile browsing, providing users with a browsing experience that is easy, fast and intuitive.

Consumers can:

  • Answer questions and find about their rights when it comes to television, Internet, telephone, DTT and postal services.
  • Test the actual speed of their Internet connection with NET.mede and compare it to the speed contracted with their provider.
  • Simulate and compare different tariffs using COM.escolha.
  • Consult Consumer Guides and tips for resolving problems.
  • Access templates for submission of complaints to providers.
  • Submit complaints.

The website also contains a range of links and contacts, as well as a glossary to help consumers understand the language of the communications sector.

In order to publicise the Portal and promote its use, ANACOM is launching an information campaign on 24 September, run in the traditional media and in the digital media.

ANACOM has also made a promotional film that will be available on the Website; a short version of the film will be used in digital campaign.

Because informed consumers make better choices, make sure you pay a visit to ANACOM's Consumers' Website!

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