Survey of television signal access in 2016

A report has been published on a survey of television signal access in Portugal, produced in September 2016 and based on data collected in July 2016.

The main results of the survey are as follows:

  • In July 2016, from among 9 million television sets in Portugal, 3 out of 4 received pay-television and 23.4% were connected to digital terrestrial television (DTT).
  • About 79% of all homes (main and secondary residences) received the television signal through a paid service; DTT was used in 30% of homes (20% had a DTT set-top-box, 13% bought a TV already equipped to receive the television signal and 2% used a "complementary satellite KIT"); it should be noted that homes which have more than one television set may use different means to receive the television signal.
  • About 17.6% of households exclusively used DTT.