73rd meeting of the Committee on Digital Economy Policy - Paris

The 73rd meeting of CDEP of the OECD was held on 16-18 November in Paris, where the Portuguese delegation was represented by the Foundation for Science and Technology and by ANACOM. A highlight was the holding of a midday forum devoted to the subject of artificial intelligence, promoted by the CDEP. This meeting also included a session limited to official representatives from the OECD member countries and the European Union focusing on the current situation of OECD membership applications from Lithuania and Costa Rica.

Note that from 2017 on the Department for Science, Technology and Innovation, in which the CDEP is inserted, will be responsible for a horizontal project on digitalisation of the economy involving several OECD departments.

The Committee approved forwarding the proposed recommendation of the OECD Council on heath data governance for later adoption by the Council. Regarding the “Digital Economy Outlook” publication, the Secretariat presented a respective proposed structure envisaging the launch of a new edition of that publication in September 2017. Also presented was a proposal concerning the working methods of the Committee and of its working groups; agreement was reached that the criteria for declassifying documents by written procedure required more study.

The Committee also approved the action plan presented by the Secretariat that aims for revision of the legal instruments under CDEP’s responsibility and of the Committee working group mandates.

It also proceeded to appoint the members of the Committee’s bureau, specifically the respective chair Wonki Min (Korea) and eight vice-chairs: Krista Campbell (Canada), Torsten A. Andersen (Denmark), Doreen McGirr (United States), Daniela Battisti (Italy), Hiroyuki Morikawa (Japan), Raul Rendon Montemayor (Mexico), Luis Magalhães (Portugal) and Anthony Myers (United Kingdom).

The next CDEP meeting will be held in Paris. Its 74th and 75th meetings have been provisionally scheduled for 15-19 May and 22-24 November 2017.