ERGP plenary meeting and workshop - Naples

The ERGP plenary meeting was held last 25 November and approved the following documents:

  • ERGP strategy for the 2017-2019 three-year period;
  • report on comparative methods to analyse the efficiency of postal operators;
  • report on universal service in the context of changing user needs;
  • report on quality of service;
  • complaint handling and consumer protection (and respective report flash);
  • report on key indicators for supervising the European postal market (and respective flash);
  • report on development of end-to-end competition and on regulated access in the context of changes to the legal system governing discounts;
  • internal report on transparency of online vendors and consumers with respect to delivery of e-commerce orders.

Also approved was the ERGP working programme for 2017; a public consultation on this document is under way until 5 January 2017.

The plenary meeting was preceded on 24 November by an internal workshop on ERGP efficiency, which debated the transparency, visibility, internal organisation and operational efficiency of the ERGP.