National Customer Satisfaction index 2016

On December 21st 2016 the results of the 2016 edition were published of ECSI Portugal - National Customer Satisfaction index for the communications’ sector. The study covers postal services, the fixed telephone service (FTS), the mobile telephone service (MTS), subscription television (STVS) and the fixed and mobile Internet.

MTS customers report the highest overall satisfaction (7.48 points), followed by FTS customers (7.42 points), mobile Internet customers (7.20 points), STVS customers (7.19 points) and finally, fixed Internet customers (7.14 points).

The MTS was also considered the service with the best performance and the best price/quality ratio. On the negative side, the services which recorded the highest rate of complaints, namely, STVS with 26.4%, MTS with 24.9% and the fixed Internet service with 24.9%.

In terms of international positioning, Portugal was ranked 1st in the 2016 customer satisfaction index in the FTS sub-sector (in 5 countries present in the study), 2nd in the case of STVS (in six countries), 4th and 5th in the case of mobile Internet and fixed Internet, respectively (in fourteen countries) and 4th in the MTS subsector (in eleven countries).

The ECSI project is a system which, by way of customer satisfaction, measures the quality of the goods and services available on the domestic market. It has been carried out since 1999 by a team consisting of APQ - Associação Portuguesa para a Qualidade (Portuguese Quality Association-APQ), the Instituto Português da Qualidade (Portuguese Quality Institute-IPQ) and by the Instituto Superior de Estatística e Gestão da Informação (Higher Institute of Statistics and Information Management-ISEGI) at Universidade Nova de Lisboa (ISEG).

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