Commission launches public consultation on building the European data economy

The public consultation launched by the European Commission (EC) on building a European data economy will run until 26 April 2017. It is based on the "Building the European Data Economy" package, approved by the EC on 10 January 2017, consisting of an EC communication and a working document which give an overview of the issues at stake and the context of this consultation.

The purpose of the consultation, which is mainly aimed at the industry but also concerns consumers, non-governmental organisations and public authorities, is to collect information on the following:

  • localisation of data for storage and / or processing purposes;
  • access to and re-use of non-personal data;
  • liability;
  • portability of non-personal data, interoperability and standards.

The results will feed into the EC's future initiative on the European Data Economy, in 2017.

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