NET.mede receives over 256 thousand visits in 2016

NET.mede, the tool created by ANACOM to measure Internet access speed, had a total of 256,942 visits in 2016.

The number of page views was 660,090. Of the total entries, 91.8% of all visits were made from Portugal and 8.2% from abroad, with Brazil, the Russian Federation, the United States, the United Kingdom, Switzerland and Germany among the countries with the greatest use of NET.mede.

The average duration of each session was 3:12 minutes.

ANACOM launched NET.mede on 2 December 2013 with the purpose of providing the market with more information and transparency. With this tool, an Internet user can check the real speed of their Internet connection and compare it with the speed they have contracted with their provider.

NET.mede also allows users to test for traffic shaping, a mechanism used by operators to manage Internet traffic by applying restrictions to traffic and to contracted speeds.