''Connecting Europe Facility'' - calls for proposals 2017

As part of the "Connecting Europe Facility", the European Commission has launched a call for proposals with a view to providing support to projects that deploy digital services infrastructure to promote cross-border interaction between public administrations, businesses and citizens. Funding of 27.5 million euros is being provided for these projects.

Proposals must be submitted by 18 May 2017 and cover the areas of Business Registers System Interconnection, eIdentification & eSignature, Electronic Exchange of Social Security Information and European e-Justice Portal.

Similar calls are expected to be launched on 4 May and 28 June 2017 focusing on Cyber Security, eDelivery, eHealth, eProcurement, eInvoicing, eTranslation, Europeana and Public Open Data, with the submission of proposals by 21 September 2017 and 28 November 2017, respectively.

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