World Consumer Rights Day 2017

World Consumer Rights Day is an annual event that was celebrated on 15 March; it marks the date, in 1962, when President John F. Kennedy gave a speech to the United States Congress stressing consumer rights.

ANACOM marked the day by publishing details of its work on consumer protection on its Consumers' Website, recalling the main actions accomplished in 2016 and looking forward to a series of measures in 2017.

Among the most important developments of 2016, new rules entered into force enhancing transparency in the information provided upon the conclusion of contracts, particularly with regard to lock-in periods.

In 2017, ANACOM intends to complete its revision of the Regulation on pre-contractual and contractual information, and also to initiate the process of regulating complaint-handling procedures of operators. ANACOM also plans to launch an area on its Consumers' Website for people with special needs.

Meanwhile, Direção Geral do Consumidor (Directorate General for the Consumer) marked the day by holding a series of information and awareness sessions on consumer rights, particularly on matters such as security, complaint books and financial literacy.


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