Amendments to the LLRO and the RELLO - consultation

On 23 March 2017, ANACOM approved a draft decision on changes to the Leased Lines Reference Offer (LLRO) and the Reference Ethernet Leased Lines Offer (RELLO).

Following ANACOM decision of 1 September 2016 on the analysis of the markets of high-quality electronic communications at a fixed location (access and trunk segments), MEO - Serviços de Comunicações e Multimédia published new versions of the LLRO and the RELLO, as well as a version of the RELLO incorporating a new Level 2 Ethernet connectivity service.

On 24 October 2016, ANACOM sought specific proposals from all beneficiaries of the LLRO and RELLO to improve these offers, duly reasoned in light of the reported decline in demand for leased lines and the fact that demand Is more prevalent in remote and/or lower density areas.

The draft decision now approved by ANACOM defines a set of amendments to the LLRO and to the RELLO, taking into account the analysis made of MEO’s changes and of the proposals submitted by various stakeholders.

It was also decided to submit this draft decision to the prior hearing and to the general consultation procedure. In both cases interested parties were granted a period of 20 working days in which to respond (comments in writing and in Portuguese). Comments should therefore be sent by 26 April 2017 by email to spdorcaeorce@anacom.ptmailto:spdorcaeorce@anacom.pt1. Once the consultation process has been concluded, the contributions received will be made public. Therefore, for the purposes of publication on this website, interested parties should also submit a non-confidential version of their responses excluding items considered confidential.

1 Each email may contain one or more files as long as the total size of all files does not exceed 10 megabytes and, if necessary, comments may be divided into two or more emails.