Regulation on provision of statistical information

Regulation no. 255/2017 of 16 May on the provision of statistical information, entered into force on 17 May. This Regulation establishes the manner, level of detail, deadlines and frequency of the submission of statistical information which undertakings providing electronic communications networks and services are required to report to ANACOM on a regular basis.

ANACOM requires these companies to regularly report a set of indicators of a statistical nature; this enables monitoring of the various markets and services and oversight of compliance with provider obligations, the definition of relevant markets and assessment of significant market power, as well as performance of ANACOM’s other assigned responsibilities.

In view of the technological and market developments occurring since the entry into force of the previous questionnaires in 2010 and 2011, ANACOM decided to carry out a comprehensive review of obligations as regards the provision of regular information by providers and prepared a Regulation on this matter.