Report on levels of quality of service of CTT - 2015

Following the audit carried out by ANACOM on the 2015 annual values reported for indicators on quality of service, complaints and requests for information in relation to the universal postal service offered by CTT - Correios de Portugal (CTT), and after a prior hearing of the company, on 18 May 2017, ANACOM decided to approve and publish the report on the results of the auditing carried out on the quality levels offered by CTT in 2015.

This decision is made pursuant to the Lei Postal (Postal Law, according to which ANACOM is required to undertake auditing and other controls in relation to levels of quality of service actually provided by the universal service provider (CTT). This must be carried out in an independent manner and the results published in a report at least once per year on ANACOM’s website.  It is also ANACOM's responsibility to make up-to-date information available that contributes to an open and competitive market, specifically information on levels of quality of service provided and complaints received and processed by the universal service provider.