Options for customers withdrawing from contracts with telecom operators

ANACOM has become aware that customers have been experiencing difficulties when seeking to withdraw from contracts after receiving the communications sent by operators in compliance with the corrective measures ordered by ANACOM decision of 13 July.

As such, ANACOM affirms the different options available to customers, as set out on ANACOM´s Consumers’ Website (Who should I contact to cancel my contract?https://anacom-consumidor.pt/-/onde-me-posso-dirigir-para-posso-cancelar-o-meu-contrato-). Customers who wish to exercise their right of withdrawal may do so in person at any retail outlet or by telephone, in writing using any of the means of contact indicated in the respective contract or published by the operator (address, fax, email, etc.) or through the customer area on the operator´s website (where available). Requests to withdraw are not subject to presentation of any documents other than as strictly necessary to confirm the customer´s identification.

Where customers wish to retain their telephone number, they have three months to request use of the number with the same operator or to request number portability.