Over 3.6 million subscribers to bundles of services in Portugal in 2nd quarter 2017

At the end of second quarter 2017 (2Q2017), around 89 out of every 100 households in Portugal had a bundle of services. The number of subscribers to these offers exceeded 3.6 million - an increase of 64 thousand subscribers (1.8%) versus the previous quarter and 261 thousand subscribers (7.8%) versus the same quarter of 2016.

The reported growth stems from growth in double-play bundles with subscription television (STV) and mobile broadband (MBB), which reported subscribers for the first time (42 thousand), and to a lesser extent, from growth in quintuple-play bundles, adding 25 thousand subscribers (+1.7%).

The most popular bundles continued to be quintuple-play (fixed broadband + fixed telephone + STV + mobile telephone), with 1.491 million subscribers (41.3%), followed by triple-play (fixed telephone + fixed broadband +STV), with 1.475 million subscribers (40.8%).

In the period reported, revenues from bundles of services totalled 885.9 million euros (6.6% more than in the same period of the previous year). Average monthly revenue per subscriber was 41.4 euros (1.3% less than in 2Q2016).

In 2Q2017, the average monthly bill for households with bundles of services was 52.32 euros, including VAT (0.5% less than in 2Q2016).

In the quarter reported, MEO retained the highest share of subscribers to bundles of services (39.5%), followed by Grupo NOS (39%), Vodafone (16.4%) and Grupo Apax (4.9%).

In terms of revenues, MEO had a share of 41.3%, followed by Grupo NOS (40.1%).

Grupo NOS led in terms of triple-play and quadruple-play, while MEO led in terms of double-play and triple-play bundles (subscribers and revenues).

Infographic about bundles of services

Infographic about Bundles of services

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