Decision on the MEO's ''2GB adicionais de Internet móvel'' campaign

After a hearing of the operator ANACOM decided to determine that MEO:

  • must obtain the express consent of customers taking up the offer made in the context of the "2GB adicionais de Internet móvel" campaign;
  • may not bill or charge any sum for the provision of these services, without having previously obtained the express agreement of its customers;
  • must report to ANACOM detailing the manner in which it has complied with these measures.

This decision was taken subsequent to the draft decision which was adopted on 18 August 2017 following the receipt by ANACOM of a significant number of complaints referring to a MEO campaign that grants subscribers an additional 2GB of mobile Internet traffic for use until 31 August, free of charge. From that date, the extra allocated traffic would be subject to payment. According to the advertised conditions, subscribers not willing to incur these additional costs from 1 September onwards should contact MEO accordingly.

Despite the clarifications provided by MEO and the recent communications sent to subscribers by the company in the context of this campaign, it is ANACOM's view that the provision of additional traffic (at a price) can only be accepted if take-up of the offer results from an express and prior manifestation of consent by the customer.