New rules for cross-border parcel services

On 20 December 2017, the European Council approved new rules to improve the efficiency of cross-border parcel delivery services, making tariffs more transparent and giving regulators more powers to monitor the market.

The new rules increase the transparency of cross-border parcel tariffs, which will encourage consumers to choose from a wider range of products and to buy more online. The new tariff transparency agreement will also make it possible for retailers to improve their tariffs, especially small businesses that lack negotiating power.

The agreement presupposes that the European Commission will publish data on the public tariffs of providers of cross-border parcel services, on a specific website for this purpose. This website will make it easier for consumers and businesses to compare prices and to choose the best service providers or the providers best suited to their needs. The new rules will give regulators powers to better monitor developments in the parcel delivery market.

In this context, the Estonian Presidency of the Council had already reached a pre-agreement with the European Parliament on this subject on 14 December as part of the European Union's efforts to strengthen e-commerce in the digital single market.

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