Multi-Annual Activities Plan 2018-2020

/ Updated on 25.06.2018

This publication sets out the strategic priorities, lines of action and specific actions to be undertaken during the 2018-2020 three-year period, including regular and ongoing activities which are essential to ensure a stable and predictable regulatory framework geared to the promotion of competition, investment and innovation - essential factors in the development of better solutions for consumers and other users.

The strategic priorities defined for the three-year period, which include the various lines of action and specific actions to be undertaken in the coming years, are as follows:

  • guarantee and protect the rights of users and citizens;
  • promote open and competitive markets;
  • ensure the efficient management of public resources;
  • promote institutional and technical cooperation;
  • promote internal efficiency and effectiveness.

The publication is divided into eight chapters: executive summary; framework - regulatory commitment; current framework of the communications sector; strategic priorities and lines of action to be pursued in 2018-2020; current activities; global indicators; human resources plan; financial plan.