ANACOM participates in the ''Meeting to reflect on forest fires''

On 4 April 2018 a member of the Board of Directors of ANACOM, Paula Meira Lourenço, and ANACOM specialists in communications security took part in the "Meeting to reflect on forest fires", organized by the Centre for Studies on Forest Fires of the Association for the Development of Industrial Aerodynamics (Associação para o Desenvolvimento da Aerodinâmica Industrial - ADAI) of the University of Coimbra.

At this meeting, of which the President of the Republic was a patron, four topics were discussed, corresponding to four operational stages in the management of forest fires: prevention, preparation, response and post-fire recovery. In essence, the purpose was to identify the situation existing before 2017, the proposed changes, what is being done and what remains to be done.

The meeting will result in a document stating the conclusions reached, which will also be presented to the President of the Republic.