Consultation on zero-rating and similar practices in Portugal - extension of deadline

By decision of 23 March 2018, ANACOM has approved an extension, for a further period of 10 working days, to the period of the prior hearing and of the public consultation being held on zero-rating and similar commercial practices in Portugal.

ANACOM takes the view that this extension, as requested by NOS Comunicações, will help to promote greater and more informed participation by stakeholders and civil society - factors which are conducive to ensuring a good decision on the procedure.

As such, contributions sent in response to the consultation must be received no later than 19 April 2018 and should to be sent in writing and in Portuguese by email to zero-rating@anacom.ptmailto:zero-rating@anacom.pt1.

Once the consultation process has been concluded, the contributions received will be made public. Therefore, for the purposes of publication on this website, interested parties should also submit a non-confidential version of their responses excluding items considered confidential.

1 Each email may contain one or more files as long as the total size of all files does not exceed 10 megabytes and, if necessary, comments may be divided into two or more emails.


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