707, 708 and 809 prefixes under investigation

The National Communications Authority (ANACOM) has undertaken several checks towards a group of entities that were inappropriately providing services using the 707, 708 and 809 prefixes.

In some of the monitored situations, ANACOM detected that the mentioned prefixes were used for the provision of audiotext services, and thus a number of breach procedures were initiated, the penalties of which may amount to 45 thousand euros.

Audiotext services, due to their specific nature and costs, have a unique legal framework that aims to inform and protect consumers. For that reason, such services can only be provided though the 601, 607, 608, 646 and 648 prefixes.

The National Communications Authority has received a considerable amount of denunciations and complaints from consumers and telecommunications services providers regarding the inappropriate usage of these numbers.

To prevent the detected situations from happening again and at the same time to ensure the consumer's right to information and option, ANACOM shall take in a short time measures of a regulatory and general nature.