Notice no. 12218/2018, published on 27 August 2018

Autoridade Nacional de Comunicações


(This is not an official translation of the law)

It is hereby announced that, in exercise of the powers set forth in paragraph 3 of article 24 of Decree-Law no. 123/2009 of 21 May and commencing the review procedure set out in Determination of 11 November 2010 on the definition of registration objects and on the terms and format to be used in the provision of information in the Suitable Infrastructure Information System (SIIS, formerly CIS), the Board of Directors of Autoridade Nacional de Comunicações (ANACOM) has approved a draft decision updating the list of registration objects and their characteristics to be made available in this System and has determined submission of the draft decision to public consultation, as under point d) of paragraph 1 of article 124 of Código do Procedimento Administrativo (Administrative Proceeding Code).

This draft decision is available on ANACOM's website (www.anacom.pt; interested parties are given a period of twenty working days from the date of this notice’s publication, where they so see fit, to state their positions.

Comments are to be submitted in writing and in Portuguese, and should be sent by email to or to ANACOM's head office, at Av. José Malhoa, no. 12, 1099-017 Lisbon.

13 August 2018. - Chairman of the Board of Directors, João António Cadete de Matos.