ANACOM heads European regulators group in 2019

On 1 January 2019, the Chairman of ANACOM's Board of Directors, João Cadete de Matos, took over as Chairman of the European Regulators Group for Postal Services (ERGP), following unanimous election by the Group's members. ANACOM takes on this responsibility at a time when the sector faces major challenges at European level, in particular with the review of the regulatory framework and the harmonised implementation of regulation on postal parcels.

ANACOM heads European regulators group in 2019.

From left to right: Spyros Pantelis, EETT, Greece (ERGP Chairman in 2020); João Cadete de Matos, ANACOM, Portugal (ERGP Chairman in 2019); Jack Hamande, BIPT, Belgium (ERGP Chairman in 2018).

ERGP will pursue its activity based on three strategic pillars in 2019: Promoting sustainable provision of a universal postal service; Promoting a competitive EU postal single market; and Empowering and protecting end-users.

In this context, special attention will be given in 2019 to the review of the Postal Services Directive, with the European Commission due to adopt an Opinion at the end of the first half of 2019 setting out the key changes that will ensure that the regulatory framework is fit to respond to the current transformation of the postal sector - a transformation that will intensify in the coming years.

The ERGP's activity will give focus to implementation of the regulation on cross-border postal parcels. Two reports will be produced: Report on the provision of information of parcel delivery services and Report on the assessment of cross-border single-piece parcel tariffs.

In addition, the ERGP will continue to play its role as a forum for cooperation between European regulators and promoter of best practices, especially in the following areas: quality of service, consumer protection, access to infrastructure related to the postal market and postal statistical indicators.

In 2019, the ERGP will also define its medium-term strategy for the 2020-2022 period, identifying sector developments and the main areas of focus for the ERGP's work over this period.

The ERGP was set up in 2010 by decision of the European Commission, with the aim of promoting the sharing of regulatory experiences and best practices among all postal regulators. It is composed of the 28 independent regulators of the European Union (EU), and by the authorities of countries of the European Economic Area and of EU candidate countries. Its tasks are to advise and assist the European Commission on the consolidation and development of the single market for postal services, as well as on the consistent implementation of the regulatory framework for postal services in all Member States.