Portability - amendment to Regulation no. 257/2018

On 9 January  2019, ANACOM approved a Regulation amending Regulation no. 257/2018 of 8 Mayhttps://www.anacom.pt/render.jsp?contentId=1435216, establishing the principles and rules governing portability on public communications networks (Portability Regulation).

The Regulation now approved, with effect from 11 May 2019, changes the date of entry into force of the regime applicable to the new mechanism to validate electronic portability requests, performed using the portability validation code (CVP). This change comes as various constraints have been reported to ANACOM as regards the complex implementation of CVP in the information systems of service providers with portability obligation. In extreme cases, these constraints may undermine the right to portability and impact consumer confidence in this new process of validating electronic portability requests.

The Regulation amending Regulation no. 257/2018 of 8 May will be published in 2nd series of Diário da República (Official Journal).

At the same time, ANACOM approved the report on the public consultation to which the respective draft regulation was submitted (draft regulationhttps://www.anacom.pt/render.jsp?contentId=1465088 approved by decision of 30 November 2018).